Spring should be here!

Well this year it seems that Punxsutawney Phil had it wrong and Mother Nature has more winter in store for us but we are sure Spring will be here any day now.  Once the snow melts and we all start to venture outside in the warmer temperatures there is bound to be parts of your property that need a bit of sprucing up.  That’s where our Spring cleanup services can lend a helping hand.  After a long winter, a Spring cleanup will help kick start your lawn and freshen up your property for the upcoming season. 

To start take a walk around your property and look for the obvious.  Trees with downed or broken branches and shrubs that were crushed beneath the weight of wet snow might need some pruning or worst case replacement.   Sticks and branches that have fallen over the winter and leaves that accumulated on the lawn and in corners of your property can all be picked up and removed. 

Next, check to see if you have any snow mold on the turf throughout the property. 

Snow mold forms during the winter months when the lawn is covered for extended periods of time with snow. It appears as matted and brown grass with a tint of pink or gray that is visible on the individual blades of grass.  This lawn disease glues the grass blades together which may inhibit new grass from growing through the mat.  A light raking to break up the matted turf will remedy this problem.

If you have a lot of bare patches throughout the lawn because of pet or animal damage, heavy traffic or neglect, you can also add some new seed.  Even though Fall is the best time for grass planting because the new grass seedlings don’t have to compete with weeds or crabgrass at that time of year, you can still add some seed in the Spring to try to get a jump on filling these bare locations.   It’s also the time to think about your fertilization and weed control program.  We’ve partnered with Lawn Dawg of Poughkeepsie who specializes in turf management programs so if you’re interested in a program just let us know and we can provide you the proper contact information. 

A general cleanup of your beds, cutting back any perennials or ornamental grasses and removing any old annuals can all be completed at this time.  Some plants benefit from minor pruning in the Spring however special care needs to be taken to not prune any Spring flowering shrubs because doing so will remove new buds and result in a decrease in Spring flowers on those specific plants.  And finally adding a new layer of mulch to your beds along with re-edging the beds are all items to put on the list. 

Spring is a time of rebirth and reawaking from a long winter’s nap. 

Getting outside and enjoying the warmth and fresh air is a good idea for all of us and if you need a helping hand with the yard just give us a call.