Light up your property after dark

When you arrive home at night, do you see the beauty of your home and landscape?  Does your house glow with a soft and welcoming illumination?  When you are relaxing after a long day of work or entertaining guests on a weekend night on your back deck or patio, are you sitting in a glare-free, subtle and romantic light?  

If these questions leave you wondering what you might be missing, you should know that your property can be transformed and have a resort-like atmosphere with the simple and cost-effective installation of a high quality low-voltage landscape lighting system.  The popularity and efficiency of low-voltage landscape lighting has been growing rapidly the past few years, and today’s systems include lifetime warranties on transformers and fixtures and new LED bulbs that can last several years before needing to be changed.

The benefits of a low-voltage landscape lighting system are many. 


Landscape lighting reveals beauty already there and it creates new beauty with compelling patterns of shadow and light. 

Safety & Security

Landscape lighting replaces glaring security and flood lights with glare-free illumination.  Lights are positioned to direct low levels of soft lighting in all critical regions to assure safe passage throughout your property and to protect your home from uninvited guests.  And a low-voltage system can be installed in wet areas and poses no risk of electrical shock to children or pets if exposure to any part of the system occurs. 


Landscape lighting fixtures are placed around decks, patios and pool areas to provide just the right amount of soft and romantic illumination. 

Energy Savings

Low-voltage lighting consumes 1/3 the energy of regular 120-volt lighting.  And today’s new environmentally friendly LED bulbs can last for several years adding to significant cost-savings over the life of your system.  This coupled with the use of various timers and sensors can give you multiple controls over when your lights turn on and off.

Ease of Installation & Flexibility of Design

Low-voltage lighting is easy to install and there is more flexibility while installing and designing your system.  Because the system falls between 12 and 24 volts it is not required to be installed by a licensed electrician and the wires don’t need to be installed at depth or in conduit as does 120-volt wiring.  And the ability to move and modify the placement of fixtures provides the flexibility to adjust the light pattern and effect.

Once you experience what a low-voltage lighting system can do to transform your property you’ll never regret making that original investment. 

We install Unique lighting fixtures, transformers and other system components.  Unique offers fixtures constructed of copper and solid brass that are durable and well-designed.  These fixtures can be fitted with regular or LED bulbs and they carry 15 year and lifetime warranties depending on which product line is chosen.  We install the Unique product line because we want your lighting system to work on day one and for years to come.  If you’re interested in learning more about the Unique Lighting products you can visit their website at and if you’d like to speak to us about designing a system for your property please contact us for more information or for the installation of a demonstration system so you can visually see how a low-voltage lighting system can transform your property.