About Brothers Lawn & Landscape Corp.

Brothers Lawn & Landscape Corporation is a family owned and operated business that was started by Bob & Joe Caragine in 1998 as a small lawn maintenance and landscape company. Over the years, the company has grown from two brothers working nights and weekends to a company with several crew members and a number of service vehicles. Growing up and living in the Hudson Valley region has brought us a great appreciation of the beauty of the outdoors and nature. We enjoy spending time outdoors with our families and friends and the landscape business has allowed us the opportunity to take this love of nature and turn it into a career.

Much more than just mowing the lawn.

As our company has grown, and as times have changed, we’ve continued to modify our business to better serve our customers. We understand that time is everyone’s most valuable commodity. Whether its vacation, golfing or your child’s sporting event, we know there are probably many ways you’d rather spend your time. Mowing the lawn, cleaning up the yard or constructing something you might have seen on a do-it-yourself television show is probably not your idea of an enjoyable weekend.

That is where we come in.

Not only can we help with your property maintenance, but we also can work with you to create a unique landscape design that is a reflection of your individual style and tastes. We take pride in knowing that each design we develop is created with your needs, desires and budget in mind, and from the initial consultation to the final walk through, we’ll work closely with you to help create a bit of paradise right in your backyard.

Many new landscape designs are also supplemented with the installation of new hardscape features. Whether it’s a new walk to create a more inviting entrance to your home or a new patio with a fireplace or barbeque pit to create an outdoor area to relax and entertain guests in, we can create a design that is aesthetically pleasing and functional. We are certified installers and we use the latest construction techniques and highest quality materials to create a custom look that will completely transform your property as well as add value to your home or business.

Now what backyard paradise would be complete without the relaxing and soothing sound of trickling water? If you thought that a pond or waterfall was something that would require hours of maintenance every week, then think again. We use the products and installation techniques developed by Aquascape Designs to create low maintenance and ecologically-balanced water features that offer hours of relaxation and enjoyment. By using stone, boulders and river rock with informal and native plantings we can design a natural-looking pond, stream or waterfall that appears to have been created by Mother Nature herself.

So now your new landscape and waterfall are complete.

But you when you get home everyday the sun has already set and it’s too dark to sit outside and enjoy your new bit of paradise. Well why not allow us to design a low-voltage lighting system to add hours of enjoyment long after the sun sets. We are certified installers of low-voltage landscape lighting and we can design a system to fit your budget and needs. Low-voltage lighting has come a long way over the years and the systems that we design utilize all the most up-to-date products and installation techniques. Not only does low-voltage lighting enhance the beauty of your property it also provides you with a sense of safety and security and adds hours of enjoyment to any home setting.

As part of our property maintenance services, we also offer lawn, shrub and tree care programs to help your lawn and landscape remain the talk of the neighborhood. We are certified by New York State in the applications of fertilizer and pesticide and we are associated with the Grassroots Healthy Lawn Care Program which promotes the use of organic lawn and landscape care.
We also offer programs to help control deer damage to your property as well as tick control programs to reduce the potential of tick-borne illness. These programs are customized for each customer’s property and can include conventional and/or organic-based programs.

Full Service List

For a full listing of our services offered, take a quick look at our services page. Also check out our links page to find companies we are associated with and other helpful information about our company. If you’re interested in speaking with us regarding your property send us a note or give us a call. We’d be happy to meet and discuss any projects you’re interested in and how our services may be beneficial for your property.